Staff Throwback Thursday

Headshot of Vicki Blair Seals with ID badge on.
Current photo of Vicki.

Welcome to our new weekly feature — Staff Throwback Thursday! In this feature we’ll be checking in with employees who have worked with Parkwest/Covenant Health for more than twenty years! We hope you enjoy learning more about our long-term employees!

Vicki Blair Seals, Lab-Department of Pathology, Administrative Assistant

  • How long have you worked at Parkwest? I have worked at PW 29+ years will be 30 years in November of this year. I am and have been a Medical Transcriptionist for 29+ years, worked in general lab, supervisor over  ancillary services transcription and currently I am the Adminstrative Assistant for Pathology Department here at Parkwest.
  • How much has the hospital grown or changed since you were hired? The hospital has changed and grown unbelievably since 1989.  I was 21 when I started working here so I literally feel like I have grown up at PW.  For the first 15 years or so I was a stones throw away from Radiology, ER and the cafeteria. Outpatient was across from the hall from us. My office space in the old lab was literally an office split into five cubicles with a small amount of space.  I can remember a time when we worked on weekends that there was no cafeteria, only vending machines.  In 1989 parking was not an issue…believe or not?  There was certainly no need for shuttle service. Since 2005 I have had a large open office with plenty of space and a window.   It is truly amazing to see how expansive the hospital campus has become and is continuing to grow.
TBT of Vicki at work, typing on old computer keyboard.
TBT photo of Vicki at work.
  • What’s your favorite memory of working at Parkwest? My favorite memory would have to be the cherished friendships over the years with co-workers, physicians as well as people from surrounding physician offices. The work that we do each and every day makes me very proud of where I work. We make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families, we truly do.
  • What’s kept you at Parkwest over twenty years? What has kept me at PW would probably be that I have an excellent group of physicians and lab team to work with. We are a family, we care about our patients, and strive each day to do our very best for them. That is a good feeling to wake up to every day.  Its always been a good place to work and I cannot see myself being any other place.