Staff Throwback Thursday

Welcome to our  weekly feature — Staff Throwback Thursday! In this feature we’ll be checking in with employees who have worked with Parkwest for more than twenty years! We hope you enjoy learning more about our long-term employees!

Susan Kline Today.
Susan Kline – Current Photo
TB Susan Kline Nursing School graduation
TBT: Susan Kline

Susan K. Kline, RN, BSN, Ambulatory Surgery Unit 

  •  How long have you worked at Parkwest? 32 years. I started in Med Surgical unit, then it was 3E.  Special Care Unit/CSU, Float Pool, Case Manager then to present position in ASU.
  •  How much has the hospital grown or changed since you were hired? Hospital beds changed from 99 to 300 plus rooms now. Having to call primary care physicians at night to having Stat Care primary in house. Cardiac has advanced to TAVR procedures. These are just the few things I think that are major changes.
  • What’s your favorite memory of working at Parkwest? The Blizzard of 1993. I was pregnant & had to stay in the motel for few days. Moving into the new building to 3R.
  • What’s kept you at Parkwest over twenty years? Working with great people (co-workers & doctors), excellent benefits.