Staff Throwback Thursday

Welcome to our new weekly feature — Staff Throwback Thursday! In this feature we’ll be checking in with employees who have worked with Parkwest/Covenant Health for more than twenty years! We hope you enjoy learning more about our long-term employees!

Paige Sowder, RN, Ambulatory Staging Unit

  • How long have you worked at Parkwest/Covenant Health? From 1989 – 95 I worked as a HUC on the Medical Floor. In ’95 I moved to Charleston, South Caroline, and returned to Parkwest when I moved back in 1997. I was an RN on the Medical Floor from 1999-2001, and moved to ambulatory staging in 2001.
  • How much has the hospital grown or changed since you were hired? Parkwest has grown tremendously over my years at this facility.

  • What’s your favorite memory of working at Parkwest? My favorite memory is the Blizzard of 1993, staying here with my friends all week, and all of the snow.
  • What’s kept you at Parkwest over twenty years? I think I’ve stayed here so long because I started here when I was 21. I feel like I grew up here. I pass several hospitals that are closer to my home on my way to work here. I can’t imagine leaving here. 

Top Photo: Paige Sowder, RN, ID badge image.Paige’s badge photo

Bottom Photo: Current photo

 Paige Sowder, RN, Selfie.