Staff Throwback Thursday

Welcome to our weekly feature — Staff Throwback Thursday! In this feature we’ll be checking in with employees who have worked at Parkwest for more than twenty years! We hope you enjoy learning more about our long-term employees!

Misty Windle current in blue scrubs.

Misty Windle, RT, Respiratory Therapy Manager

  • How long have you worked at Parkwest? 26 years! I started as a weekend HUC on the medical floors in 1991, then in 1993 worked PRN evening/nights as a respiratory therapist. I moved out of state, and came back in 1997, and started as a part-time respiratory therapist. In 2006, I became the supervisor over respiratory, and in 2014 the manager of the department.
  • How much has the hospital grown or changed since you were hired? The hospital has grown tremendously since I started. When I started the entire ED consisted of 1 large “code” room that curtained off for two patient stretchers, a gyn/ob room and another large area that curtained off for 4 patient stretchers. When I worked my 12 hour weekends as a HUC back then I covered 3 floors; it was rare that a HUC only covered one nursing area back then.

TBT: Misty Windle in red graduation gown holding diploma.

  • What’s your favorite memory of working at Parkwest? My favorite memory of working here is the relationships that I have made with people. I have worked with a lot of wonderful RTs; as well as fantastic nursing and ancillary staff. Other memories are my 18th birthday party up on 3 East or my 19th birthday party down in the RT department. Sunday dinners when everyone would bring something in for lunch just because we enjoyed doing it.
  • What’s kept you at Parkwest over twenty years? I guess what has kept me here for all these years is that this is home. I grew up here and I can’t imagine working somewhere else in Knoxville.