It’s Staff Feature  Friday! Today we’re getting to know one of our awesome volunteers, Sharon!

Name: Sharon Fuller


JobTitle:  Volunteer, information desk, lobby


How long have you been at Parkwest?  almost 3 years


Why do you love working at Parkwest?  I love being around people andbeing able to help.


Where are you From: Seattle, Wa


Tell us a little about yourself: Grew up in Seattle, moved a lot. Worked in hospitality industry and the banking industry. After retiring, kept moving, this time following grandchild around.  I’m a widow, have ortson, terrific daughter in law and 1 grandson.


What is your favorite part about volunteering? I like helping people, I like meeting people. i love seeing appreciation on their faces when i’ve helped.


What is your dream vacation spot? Ocean/beach – that’s a hard one, so many wonderful places.


What is yourfavoirte holiday tradition? Christmas, opening, each, one gift at a time making the process last as llong as possible.


What do you like to do on weekends?  gardening. Love to read, be outside


What’s your favorite sport to watch? hockey. Baseball and watching my grandson play


Would you choose a free trip or money?  and why?  Free trip, love to travel.


What is your favorite outdoor activity?  gardening