Lesilie Goins, Mammographer/Radiographer

It’s Staff Feature Friday! Today we are getting to know the awesome Leslie from our Breast Center!

Name:  Leslie Goins


Job Title: Mammographer/Radiographer


How long have you worked at Parkwest? 13 years


Why do you love working at Parkwest? The patients and my coworkers


Where are you from? Florida


What is your favorite food? a really good steak


Do you prefer cats or dogs? Dogs even though I gave up a trip to Disney when I was a kid in order to get a cat.


What is your favorite dish at Christmas meals?  The desserts of course


What is your greatest accomplishment? my Family


What type of music do you like to listen to? / Who are your favorite artists? I like a mixed bag of music.  Country, Old rock, or 70’s and 80’s.


Would you choose a free trip or money?  A trip if it was to a awesome place


What is your favorite book?  No real favorite.  I just love to escape in a good book.