Today is Staff Feature Friday! We’re getting to know Jennifer Price, an RN from our Childbirth Center!

Name: Jennifer Price


Job Title: I am an RNC in OB


How long have you worked at Parkwest? I have been at Parkwest since 1982, 36 years


Why do you love working at Parkwest? Parkwest is my second family and I have spent as much time with my coworkers as I have my own family. Life long friendships have been a bonus.


Where are you from? Born in Michigan but I have lived in Knoxville most of my life.


What is your favorite childhood memory? I grew up with 7 brothers and sisters so most childhood memories are of family times together.


What is your favorite vacation spot? I love the beach and I love the mountains, hard to decide.


Would you choose a free trip or money? Free trip for sure