In today’s staff feature Friday we’re getting to know some of our social workers during national social worker’s month!

Social Workers Month
Pictured left to right: Hope Burbine, Michaela Whidby, Amelie Blue, Ian Berry and Frankie Mumford. Not pictured: Diane Cook, Sandy Maluso, Patti Snow, Joe Strong and Judith Winter.

What is the role of a Social Worker? Advocate, leader, facilitator, problem solver, counselor. Social workers validate life, acknowledge a person’s worth, and we help gain a person’s insight which fosters their abilities to see change as necessary.

What skills do you think are necessary for a great social worker? Being present in the moment, working with patients where they are at, good communication skills, non-judgemental attitude, awareness of cultural differences, self-awareness, organization, coordination of resources, good persuasion skills, cooperation, and patience.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of my job is seeing someone who takes a big step forward in improving their life, and I get to be part of their journey.” -Ian Berry

“As a social worker you are introduced to so many different people, cultures, and diversity. I love constantly being able to learn new things that not only help me in my job but also help me in the community, at work, and my personal life!” -Michaela Whidby

Why did you choose a career in social work?

“I wanted a challenge! Working with kids and adolescents I’ve learned that they’re vulnerable and resilient. Working with adults’ loves is complicated but things are fixable; and I’m honored working with the geriatric population knowing i was part of their journey in life. The goal of being a social worker is to empower others to be their best.” -Amelie Blue

“I chose a career in social work for versatility and to create change in the world.” -Hope Burbine

“I chose social work as my career at a young age. I witness so many people in my community not knowing how to simply navigate the basics of life. Growing up in my community there were a lot of disadvantages I saw, and I wanted to know how I could make a difference. Social work is more than a ‘career,’ it’s being able to advocate needs, implement policies and creating a community cohesion.” -Frankie Mumford