It’s staff Feature Friday and today we are getting the know the sweet Sophie Lively!

Name: Sophie Lively

Job Title: Transporter

How long have you worked at Parkwest? 6 months

Why do you love working at Parkwest? It is a positive work environment, and I feel surrounded by people who support me and want to help me achieve my career and educational goals. I am challenged every day by what I encounter. My coworkers are willing to teach me what they know and interactions with people of all kinds keep me grounded and enrich my life.

Where are you from? Greeneville, TN

If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? My maternal grandmother. I never knew her but have heard many stories about her and she seems like the kind of person that we’d all be lucky to know.

What is your favorite food? Pesto pasta (especially homemade by my dad with basil from his garden!)

Do you prefer cats or dogs? Dogs. I’m a little bit of an anomaly in that I did not grow up having any pets.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? We drive up into the North Carolina mountains every year to select a Christmas tree as a family. We nearly never agree on the ‘perfect tree’, but it’s a great time!

What is your favorite book?  Cold Mountain. I’m honestly not sure why I’m so charmed by it, but both the book and movie have been favorites for a long time.

What is your favorite TV show? The Great British Baking Show. I always end up eating another meal when I’m watching because the bakes look so delectable!

What is your greatest accomplishment? Serving in the Episcopal Service Corps for a year. It taught me so much about myself and gave me time to discern that I want to pursue a career in nursing.

Would you choose a free trip or money? Free trip! I love traveling and it’s one of the few things that I’m delighted to spend money on.