Lincoln was born at Parkwest Medical Center on Feb. 2, weighing in at 8 lbs., 3 oz. – but his arrival didn’t come very easily.

Amy had been cared for by Parkwest ObGyn Dr. L. Elizabeth Greene throughout her pregnancy, and every time it was a positive experience. “I just love her,” Amy says of Dr. Greene. “She’s amazing.”

Ben adds, “She was down to earth, and Amy’s health and the baby’s health were always priority number one. That was evident every time we went in.”

Amy’s pregnancy progressed normally and as her due date approached, it was time to discuss delivery preferences and make a plan. After much consideration, the Eatons and Dr. Greene decided elective induction was their best option.

“We knew Lincoln was going to be a bigger baby,” said Dr. Greene. “Given his projected size and Amy’s medical history being favorable for a safe induction at 39 weeks, we decided to proceed. We anticipated her labor might take a while and I was on-call and in the hospital that night, so the Eatons arrived at 12:30 a.m. and we got things started.”

Amy labored throughout the night and into the day and evening, with Dr. Greene and the Parkwest Childbirth Center nursing staff by her side.

“It was hard to see her go through the labor process, but overall the comfort level was great because of Dr. Greene and the staff,” Ben says. Amy agrees.

“We always felt like we were the only patients they had on the floor,” Ben says, “and I thought that was the mark of true professionalism in healthcare.”

As shifts changed, the nurses never missed a beat. Each time a new person walked through the door, he or she was already knowledgeable about Amy’s case. The level of care, attention and knowledge remained constant.

“It’s as if everyone on that floor is on the same page, and works as a team,” Ben says. “They shared information behind the scenes outside our room so they didn’t have to come in and ask us a bunch of questions.”

As evening transitioned into night, and it was evident that Amy’s labor was not progressing as it should, Dr. Greene sat with the Eatons again to discuss options. They’d already waited for several extra hours hoping Amy would be able to deliver naturally, but that wasn’t meant to be. After everyone talking it through, the decision was made to progress to a Cesarean section.

For Amy, a C-section was particularly unnerving because she had never had surgery – or even stitches. They credit Dr. Greene and the Parkwest Childbirth Center nursing staff with setting the mom-to-be at ease.

Before, during and after the surgical procedure, Amy’s level of discomfort was carefully managed. Nurses continuously encouraged her, telling her she was doing a good job, and not to worry. They constantly asked if she was okay, and were ready with answers and compassionate help.

The attention continued with postoperative care for Amy, examination of the baby and training from a lactation consultant. “It was as if they had done it a thousand times – which they may have!” Ben says.

“And it wasn’t just on our floor,” Ben adds. “Whether it was in the cafeteria or at the front desk, or just someone asking if they could help you find something because you look like you’re lost, it was just amazing.”