It’s Staff Feature Friday, and today we’re getting to know a little bit more about Beth, one of our stat-acuity nurses.

Stat acuity nurse Beth Gaby-Smith dressed in black scrubs.Beth Gaby-Smith, RN

How long have you worked at Parkwest? Since Dec. 2017

Why do you love working at Parkwest? The people here are fabulous! It’s the best place I’ve ever worked!

Where are you from? Maryville, Tennessee

What is your favorite food? Pizza

Do you prefer cats or dogs? Both, but dogs are awesome!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard? Don’t let worry about tomorrow steal the joy of today.

Tell me a joke. Why do blonde nurses bring red magic markers to work? In case they have to draw blood. J

What is your favorite TV show? Live PD on A&E

What is your greatest accomplishment? Being chosen by nursing school peers as the nurse they would want to take care of them.