BEE Award logo with text and BeeCongratulations to Laurie Davis, a CNA on 2 Montvue for being recognized with the BEE Award this morning. She was nominated by the Rauhuff Family for the great care Laurie provided.

BEE Winner Laurie Davis pictured with floral arramgent.

Laurie’s Nomination

“Laurie Davis has been so kind and understanding to our family in our time of need. My husband has cancer and also had a stroke this past weekend. Ms. Davis is so kind and patient and understanding of patient needs. She makes sure you have everything you need, and if not she will take care of the situation. She came in and helped my husband go to the bathroom, helped him to bathe and get dressed, changed bedding and helped him get comfortable. She even stayed over in order to see that he was well taken care of. In an unfortunate situation she has brought a ray of sunshine and hope to our lives. We truly want to thank her for being so kind and helpful in our time of need. We truly believe that she deserves this award. The people’s lives that are affected by her genuineness are given hope and encouragement. Thank you so much!”

Many of Laurie’s co-workers were on-hand for the surprise award celebration Tuesday morning. Laurie was presented with a certificate, a lapel pin, a floral arrangement, and a BEE gift basket.

More About The BEE Award

Parkwest implemented The BEE (Being Exceptional Every day) Award to recognize employees who aren’t RNs and LPNs (they can be nominated for The DAISY Award). A DAISY can’t survive without a BEE and a BEE can’t survive without a DAISY!


Manager Donita Beard hugging BEE winner Laurie Davis.
Nurse manager of 2Montvue Donita Beard pictured with BEE Winner Laurie Davis, CNA.
BEE Award committee and 2M staff congratulating Laurie Davis on her BEE award.
BEE Award committee, and staff from 2 Montvue congratulate Laurie Davis, CNA, for her BEE win.