MAWs cause founder donating gray sleep sack to OB staff.
Pictured left to right are childbirth center nursing supervisor Holly Woodlee, MAW’s Cause co-founder Brittanie Weaver, and childbirth center nurse manager Malissa Mocsari.

MAW’s Cause was founded by Brittanie and Ben Weaver after the death of their 4-month-old son, Mason Archer Weaver, in May 2017. Mason was at daycare when he fell asleep for a nap and never woke up. It was a tragic death that unfortunately happens to more than 3,000 infants and 400 children under age 2 each year.  The  prime  age for SIDS is between 2-4 months, but it can occur through the child’s first year.

SIDS, once known as “crib death,” has been around for decades. It was often believed to be caused by unsafe sleep habits and suffocation when babies slept on their stomachs. In the 1980s the “Back To Sleep” campaign launched nationally to help educate parents about safe sleep practices. SIDS incidences decreased by 50 percent over the next decade, but have been on the rise again in the last few years. Today, medical experts believe there could be various causes of sudden death, including unsafe sleep practices and unknown medical issues. MAW’s Cause recently donated a supply of infant sleep sacks to be given to all babies born at Parkwest Medical Center this year.